We design colour immersive experiences for customers through multi-sensorial retail experience. 


Colour management creates a purchasing desire based on non-intrusive and meaningful customer relationship, assisting your client at every stage of this new sensorial marketing. It increases customer retention and loyalty. 


We enhance the customer experience 

with a more colourful life


  Audit to evaluate the strategy and needs

  Colour Wellness Activations creative direction

  Design of multi-sensory retail interactions

  Design products / brand experience within colour context

  Design brand narrative

  Colour Analytics

  Rental & Sales of mycoocoon lights

Installations with specific modalities - including colour products of the brand

For the customer

  Helps to select a product based on their          colour mood

  Helps to connect them through a wellness  purchasing behaviour

  Helps to increase their alertness and          heighten their perception

For the brand

  Helps to show the clients that their people’s    mindfulness   is at the heart of what they do

  Helps to better connect with the client
  Helps to present to the clients a clear wellness solution

  Secure long term relationships with customers
  Increases in revenues and profitability
  Creates a clearly diferentiation

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