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Are you searching for ways to create an innovative customer experience for your clients?

mycoocoon assists brands in creating deeper connections with their customers through the strategic use of color, resulting in enhanced engagement and strengthened brand loyalty.

Research has revealed that color can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions, therefore, incorporating color-based experiences into your brand strategy can potentially lead to an increase in sales.

Retail Color Digital Multi Sensory Experiences


mycoocoon VDL Pantone
mycoocoon VDL Pantone
mycoocoon VDL Pantone

"An innovative and emotional way to boost sales of color products. Thank you for your invaluable contribution."



The aim was to propose to the clients an innovative way to select and purchase their makeup.



Managing color offers the opportunity to give another dimension to the client relation, to be able to reinforce and assist the client at every stage of this new color sensorial marketing. «Choose your makeup based on your color mood». It allows the brand to produce the colors select by the consumers. 




We gave the opportunity for the brand to interact with their customers with the ability to advise, orientate each client, influence their behavior and create a purchasing desire based on a non-intrusive and meaningful relationship.





Very good impact on the clients. Consumers were coming every day to buy a new makeup based on their «color mood». The brand has achieved a very good sales results.



Select their makeup based on their Color Mood.

Bloomingdales  100% Color / New York  

Blomingdales 100% color.jpg

"mycoocoon was such a nice experience, when is it coming back?"



Create a transformative in-person, immersive, retail experience for the 100% Bloomingdales Event.



The mycoocoon cloud was placed at the second floor of the department store. Clients were invited to identify their color mood by taking mycoocoon's digital color test followed by an immersion of the color they chose. After the immersion, clients also received pins and cards of their color mood with additional tips and mantras.




600 customers and salesperson immersed themselves in the mycoocoon color cloud during a period of 2 weeks. Bloomingdales generated premium content for communications from major media, it achieved great reviews from their clients and received valuable insight on color mood cross-selling from their sales team.





High impact event. Months after the experience, clients are still requesting for another installation. 



Experience their color mood.

L'Oreal Luxury Brands Headquarters / Paris


"mycoocoon's color experience was very informative, impactful and full of emotions!"



Design an emotional beauty workshop and experience to boost team connections and creativity amongst L'Oréal Luxury brands employees.



We developed a color experience that walked through the senses with immersions, taste and Virtual Reality.




The L'Oréal Luxury brand employees discovered a new way to initiate communication, inspire creativity and engage customers.





300 employees experienced the mycoocoon color experience in 24 hours. The experience served as an excellent value-added bridge between the different brands of the group. 

300 Employees

Experiences color through the senses to engage customers.


Cosmoprof North America / Las Vegas

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas
cosmoprof North America las Vegas

" Your participation has added another layer of excitement and uniqueness to our event "



Create a well-being space within the fair to allow the visitors to relax. Design a communication campaign based on the color energy of the fair.



We have set up 3 color immersion cabins, a color journey of scents and a booth, where visitors could share their testimonials with the public. The visitors were invited to immerse themselves in the color cabins. Every day, they were informed about the «color mood» of the fair, which was based on their color selection.




500 visitors experienced in 3 days. A customized emotional communication tool has been designed for the fair to effectively connect and engage with their clients.





500 visitors experienced the mycoocoon color experience. The experience served as an excellent value-added to offer a space of well-being and relaxation during the fair. 



During their visit to the fair, they had the pleasure of relaxing.


Is your team in need of meaningful motivation, to get new ideas or a positive shift ?

mycoocoon encourages people to ignite their inner light using color to awaken meaning and purpose found deep within.

We help people bring new ideas to life, using color to stimulate the brain and promote creative thinking amongst teams.

mycoocoon’s approach empowers people with digital sensory tools that support emotional intelligence, from the inside out.

Give yourself a five-minute sensory reset before a meeting or call.

Level 39 Canary Wharf / London

Canary Wharf

"A great Ice Breaker ! Individuals and teams that understand each other better, have a head start in the journey to building a high performance culture."



Due to an increased level of stress among the office members and team, the challenge was to create a space to provide moments of relaxation, playtime and generate a pause without sacrificing valuable area.



Supported by the mycoocoon app, we placed the Coocoon on the hall area and the Level39 management team was trained to use it in just a matter of minutes.




Excellent feedback from all those who had an immersion and very positive feedback
about the aesthetics of mycoocoon from all the many visitors to Level 39. Used for relaxation, energizing, meditation and even power nap by the various members and visitors at Level 39.





Increased productivity due to better focus, social media buzz, wow factor for VIP visitors. mycoocoon became the communication campaign of Canary Wharf real estate.

“Looks like it was made to be here!”

Eric Van der Kleij, CEO, Level39



Had the opportunity to reset during their work time.



Guests Experiences : An innovative Color Wellness Experience, that supports Mental Health & Wellbeing

At mycoocoon, we are dedicated to enhancing the guest experience and driving revenue growth for hotels. Our team specializes in creating multisensory innovative solutions, and we are excited to introduce our concept "color cross-selling.”

By leveraging the psychology of color, we can create unique and memorable experiences for your guests, while also increasing revenue opportunities for your hotel.

Our "color cross-selling" approach combines the use of color with strategic product placement to encourage guests to engage with your offerings.

Enjoy a digital sensory reset in your room for relaxation.

Six Senses Douro Valley / Portugal

Six Senses Kaplankaya / Turkey

Six Senses Douro Valley. Portugal

"Thank you, mycoocoon Team, for curating an extraordinary color journey that awakened our guests senses of emotions!"



Design a sensory-based color weekend for the  Hotel Six Senses Douro Valley & Six Senses Kaplankaya guests.



We designed a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with our color cross-selling multisensory experience, including a color digital sensory reset meditation, chroma massage in the spa, a color immersive dinner crafted in collaboration with Six Senses chefs and a Chroma wine tasting.




The guests of Hotel Six Senses Douro & Kaplankaya have the incredible opportunity to experience color through their senses. This unique offering not only provides a delightful and immersive experience for the guests, but also allows the hotel to showcase its innovative approach to hospitality.





200 guests experienced the mycoocoon color experience during 3 days. The experience served as an excellent value-added to increase customer retention and loyalty. It meets the demands of this new type of consumer.



Experienced a Color multisensory Journey .

Six Senses Kaplankaya Turkey

Hotel Café Royal & Akasha Spa / London

Hotel Cafe Royal
Member's Club Café Royal

"mycoocoon has created a long-lasting, memorable experience for all clients."



Host an event that seamlessly integrates the power of color and the essence of well-being, uniting the hotel and spa in a unique celebration.



For a span of two weeks, the coocoon pod was strategically positioned within the member club, providing a captivating space for members to explore. Engaging talks highlighting the numerous benefits of colors were thoughtfully presented to the members, expanding their understanding of the profound impact of hues on their well-being. Additionally, the spa hosted yoga classes and meditation sessions, allowing members to further immerse themselves in a holistic wellness journey.




The presence of a serene cocoon within the member's club has enticed its members to venture into the spa, where they can indulge in a tranquil relaxation area within the club and explore the transformative benefits of color yoga in the spa.





The innovative wellness experience has had a profoundly positive impact on both the guests and dedicated staff, creating a truly remarkable offering that has been widely acclaimed.



Experienced a Color relaxation in the member's club and the spa.

Akasha Spa
Akasha spa
Akasha Spa

Hotel Artsy Cascais - Immersive dinning Experience. The Color of Love / Lisbon

Akasha Spa
Artsy cascais. the color of love
Artsy cascais. the color of love


Exploring Color Therapy in Healthcare & Mental Health 

Color therapy allows for personalized treatment approaches, tailoring interventions to each patient's preferences and needs, making the healing journey more engaging and effective.


At mycoocoon we embrace the therapeutic potential of color in healthcare and mental health,  we continue to explore and innovate. Together, we can create healing spaces that nurture not only the body but also the soul, promoting overall well-being and resilience.

Revitalize your mind and body in a healthcare environment.

White Clinic. Dr Miguel Stanley / Lisboa

"By stimulating full body relaxation, chromotherapy accelerates and improves the healing process, allowing the patient to recenter and rebalance."



Propose a moment to de-stress before complex dental treatments and also after they have finished their surgeries to elicit deep relaxation and stress relief.



Mycoocoon designed these protocols to help restore the natural elements of color back into patient’s daily life. This is an alternative medicine method, using light in the form of color to balance "energy" lacking from a person's body, whether it be on physical, emotional, or mental levels. 




With a focus on biological and functional full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Stanley and his team continue to develop and apply sensory protocols that improve recovery and add value to the patient experience.





Dr. Miguel Stanley, considered one of the top 100 dentists in the world, is the founder and clinical director of the internationally-recognized White Clinic, a leading Dental Center based in Lisbon.


An early adopter of technological innovations, Dr. Stanley uses mycoocoon’s lights and micro interventions to support dental patients during pre- and post-procedure.



Since 3 years, patients experience mycoocoon chromotherapy after and before operations.

02 White Clinic.jpg


mycoocoon Multisensory Experience- Lisbon

An experience that engages the senses through a dynamic combination of color, sound and taste.


Raison d'Être Digital Color Workshop  

Explore your senses with a multisensory and experiential workshop designed to educate teams on ways to restore energy using the power of color.

“ Thank you so much for the interesting Color & Mood Workshop.  You have really inspired and made a difference.”

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 10.52.32 AM.png


Color meditation can offer several benefits for children

Improved overall well-being: By promoting relaxation, concentration, creativity, emotional regulation, self-awareness, and better sleep, color meditation can contribute to a child's overall well-being and happiness.

color children meditation
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