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Bloomingdales NYC| Color Retail | Case Study

Blomingdales 100% color.jpg

"mycoocoon was such a nice experience, when is it coming back?"



Create a transformative in-person, immersive, retail experience for the 100% Bloomingdales Event.



The mycoocoon cloud was placed at the second floor of the department store. Clients were invited to identify their color mood by taking mycoocoon's digital color test followed by an immersion of the color they chose . After the immersion clients also received pins and cards of their color mood with additional tips and mantras.




4000 people immersed themselves in the mycoocoon color cloud during a period of 2 weeks. Bloomingdales generated premium content for communications from major media, it achieved great reviews from their clients and received valuable insight on color mood cross-selling from their sales team.





High impact event. Months after the experience, clients are still requesting for another installation. 

4,000 People

Immersed themselves in the color, sound and meditation reset space and pod.

Canary Wharf
Bloomindgales color immersion.jpg
Bloomindgales cloud.jpg

Canary Wharf London | Color Retail | Case Study

"mycoocoon's color experience looks and feels like it was made to be here!"



Due to an increased level of stress , the challenge was to create a space to provide moments of relaxation, playtime and generate a pause without sacrificing valuable area and productivity time.



Supported by the mycoocoon app, we created a reset space powered by color designed to help relieve stress and anxiety during work. 




mycoocoon installed the color coocoon along with software which the Level39 management team was trained to use  in just a matter of minutes. Excellent feedback from over 500 employees who had an immersion.  Our reset space and pod were primarily used for relaxation, energizing, meditation and  power napping by the various members and visitors at Canary Wharf. According to assessments, surveyed employees experienced an average of 27-31% Increased productivity due to better focus.





With viral social media buzz, wow factor from VIP visitors, mycoocoon unexpectedly became the communication campaign for Canary Wharf real estate.

500 Employees

Immersed themselves in the color cloud during a period of 2 weeks.

Canary Wharf 2.jpg
canary wharf.jpg

L'Oreal Luxury Brands Paris Headquarters


"mycoocoon's color experience was very informative, impactful and full of emotions!"



Design an emotional beauty workshop and experience to boost team connections and creativity amongst L’Oreal Luxury brands employees.



We developed a color experience that walked thru the senses with immersions, taste and Virtual Reality..




The L’Oreal Luxury brand employees discovered a new way to initiate communication, inspire creativity and engage customers.





300 employees experienced the mycoocoon color experience in 24 hours . The experience served as an excellent value-added bridge between the different brands of the group. 

300 Employees

Immersed themselves in the color, sound and meditation.

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