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Digital Color Multisensory Experiences

A digital platform to create a sense of community and connection among, allowing you to share experiences and interact with each other in the Chromaverse.


Our open, shared, and persistent virtual world provides users with the ability to do everything that they can do in the real world.


If you're unable to attend multisensory workshops, talks and events, we invite you to participate through our exciting new virtual space.

It is an innovative way to create a more powerful direct-to-customer engagement channel.



Coming soon...

Stay tuned


 Color Talks 


Live Events 


Immerse yourself in a world where hues and tones come alive, where you can explore, create, and connect with like-minded individuals. Come be a part of our community and discover the endless possibilities that await. 

Join us in unlocking new ways of interacting, creating, and connecting in this virtual world, as we explore the power of color together.

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Experience the Chromaverse &

Connect with your Color Tribe


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Discover your Color mood

of the moment


Experience Color  Guided Sensory Resets

Guided meditations . Mandy Jhamat

Sound Composer: Ricardo Tuiss


Join our Color Talks & Workshops

Gather in our dedicated

Chroma Stage

Follow mycoocoon Live events

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mycoocoon Purple.png
mycoocoon Purple.png

Accessible for All


One-Click access. No-plug-ins required. Just a simple web-based URL. Plus, Desktop, Mobile, VR and AR friendly.

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