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Personalized Color Experiences

People are puzzles, and each person is taking it all in through their own sensory apparatus, their own cultural perspective, and their own experience.

At mycoocoon, we believe that color “is” personal. We also understand that the overwhelming amount of misinformation around prescriptive color has led to the confusion around its benefits. Color is highly subjective, and is a code of sorts used by our brain to decipher elements of the reality we live in.

Your own personal experiences will determine how you interpret certain colors. You might find the color blue, for example, a positive influence on your mental health. You might even find that you can’t stand the color green because of certain experiences. Because we all interpret colors differently, identifying how colors make you feel personally is important and a important part of memory.

We humans are highly visual creatures. As we navigate the world, our senses translate everything around us. Color is a subtle yet powerful tool, and it informs the way we see and how we feel about the world.

When it comes to color theories and new-age practices, you’ll find that western medicine is only beginning to wrap its head around the potential benefits of color.


colormood mycoocoon

Color is perceptual as it a construct of our predictive brain

Department of Clinical & Social Sciences University of Rochester

colormood mycoocoon

Color is data that provides context to
our memories

Institute of Psychology
University of Lausanne

colormood mycoocoon.png

Color is energy that can stimulate our nervous system

 Colour Science & Technology
University of Leeds.

mycoocoon consultancy

It's important to take your customer’s psychology, culture, and history into consideration.

At mycoocoon, we’ve observed that people respond differently to a variety of colors.


Experiential Color & Mood Workshops for Teams
Our immersive presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with Color & Mood as an experiential learning activity set to expand your design and wellness practices. Mycoocoon presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters.

Sensory Wellness & Brand Activations
Discover a moment to reflect and disconnect by letting color and sound guide your customer inwards and replenish their mind. In collaboration with  composer Ricardo Tuis, meditation teacher Mandy Jhamat, color expert Valerie Corcias and sensory designer Ari Peralta, mycoocoon develops transformative sensory experiences designed to promote wellness.


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