The medical benefits of color light therapy has being investigated and implemented in major hospitals and medical research centers worldwide.

With mycoocoon expertise, we create a pre and post treatment relaxation room to ensure the whole patient stress-free experience .


Physical and psychological safe environments for the child siblings and families visiting chronically ill patients, designed to destress those individuals, alleviate anxiety and promote sensory interactions using various stimuli. These safe spaces are primarily designed to immersively calm, distract and entertain the user using a mixture of natural, technological and digital techniques.


Colours can accelerate healing, lift spirits and calm nerves.

We enhance the patient experience 

with a more  colourful life

  Audit to evaluate the strategy and needs

  Service design for perfect client journey

  Creating In room chromotherapy

For the patient

  Calming patients before & after treatment
  Waiting rooms (including napping solution)
  Softening the experience of friends &    family   of patients

For the clinic

  Helps nurses and doctors sleep, relax & destress

  Facilitating / Powering mental / Psychiatry care by    building empathy

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