Phygital Experiences & Immersive Meditations that Increase Employee Emotional Intelligence

mycoocoon works with corporates, brands and organisations helping teams reach wellness goals supported by a network of international researchers, sensory experts and technologists.


Using Color & Deep Learning Tech To Support Mental Health

Our sensory approach was designed to help employees cultivate balance through scientifically validated research in color psychology, meditation and and sound. We use color emotional data to promote positive behaviors, reinforce goals, improve performance and help shift anxiety into productivity.


Color is the place where our brain & inner universe meet

Achieving Peak States

Of Mind with mycoocoon KPIs

Your mental state of mind is influenced by many things throughout the day. Everything from the quality of your sleep to the foods you eat to the colour around you has an effect on what mental state you’re in. We are here to support managers and human resource professionals in enabling peak states of mind including:



  • FLOW....creative problem-solving

  • GROUND...  less down time

  • REALIGN... less sick days

  • VENT…. increased job satisfaction


Join +50k people & global brands that have chosen mycoocoon to elevate their vibes using color.


Colors & Emotions are intricately linked in ways that HR managers are only beginning to understand

Validated color science technology to enable positive wellness outcomes

Ultimately, well-being is about behavioural change. We can provide your company with empowering solutions with measurable and tangible results and clear KPI’s. We have developed a comprehensive evaluation that allows us to identify and match our offerings to your organisation’s specific needs. 

mycoocoon works with corporates, brands and organisations

Our daily living and working routines are disrupted causing added anxiety, stress and strain—physically, mentally, and financially. It is completely natural for this disruption and uncertainty to lead to difficulties focusing, relaxing and communicating. 

Elevate your team's vibes using

mycoocoon color solutions


Wellbeing Personal Sessions

Expert-led well-being activities for individuals seeking personal transformation


Wellness Care Packages

Phygital experiences using physical local products to elevate virtual experiences.


Wellbeing Group Sessions

Expert-led team building activities designed to improve communication through color.


Immersive Light Installation

Generative Art installations interpreting company-wide color emotional data.


Corporate Talks & Workshops

Discover the benefits and taste of Profound and inspiring talks and workshops delivered by our  team of sensory experts.


Immersive Wellbeing Pop Ups

Temporary Immersive color meditation experiences for brands and corporates. 

Developed in partnership with wellbeing experts & researchers at the cutting edge of science


Color Theory Research by Pierre Van Obberghen

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Color Behavioural Research by Arigami UK

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We would love to learn more about your specific wellness challenges and help identify ways we can support your positive transformation. We look forward to immersing your workforce in positivity, creativity and connection.