Multisensory well-being spaces that encourage co-working space cohort and staff to reset and reconnect.


Restore Rooms provide a series of sensory programmes aimed at guiding users to specific states on demand (flow, relaxation, focus, etc.), putting their brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.

We increase productivity and life satisfaction.

We just happen to make 

your life more colourful 


•  Audit to evaluate the strategy and needs

•  Colour workshops 

  Colour taster sessions with experts 

  Colour analytics

•  Designing & integrating colour well-being spaces

•  Mindful programming design

  Rental & sales of mycoocoon lights

•  Installations with specific modalities - reset, mindful, energise

  Spectrum yoga and meditation

For the employees


•  Helps to destress
•  Helps to clear the mind
•  Helps to be more creative and productive    •  Helps to feel energised
•  Helps to feel more grounded
•  Helps to recover sleep

For the company


•  Employee satisfaction
•  Employee retention
•   Employee motivation
•  Management satisfaction
  Healthier and happier work environment

  For HR Directors get access to a dashboard showing      realtime information about usage, benefits, patterns

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