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mycoocoon color bath



A Journey Within You

Discover a moment to reflect and disconnect by letting color + sound guide you inwards and replenish your senses.

mycoocoon’s Color Bath is a light and sound video projection installation that creates a meditative space for the viewer. Color Bath was made in collaboration with:


Color Bath 


Riccardo Tuis 

Music Composer

Mandy Jhamat    

Meditation Coach   

Valerie Corcias      

Wellness Color Expert

Ari Peralta      

Sensory Designer

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 10.28.56 AM.png
mycoocoon rainbow color bath

Embrace the healing frequencies of twelve vibrant colors across the rainbow.

mycoocoon bebefits.png

Color, Sound & Meditation

mycoocoon’s Color Bath experience draws upon the senses, in subtle and harmonious ways, to elevate the way viewers experience the perception of color.


mycoocoon can create Color Bath experiences for your next Wellness Event or dedicated Wellness Space. Our wellness immersions can be showcased in 5-10-20 minute sequences and has a profound effect of calm, wellbeing and introspection. Interested partners are welcome to explore the experiences we have in stock, or create a bespoke Color Bath.


"Relaxing, calming, deep, exhilarating and peaceful.  

These emotions and so much more is what I felt from the moment the Color appeared. It took me deep and gentle and I could feel the effects of the color on my body.”  




“I had a strong reaction to one color in particular which makes me want to go even deeper.


Thank you myoocoon for being such innovators."


"Wow I love this Color Bath
-it is mesmerising, it reminded me of outer space.  It has a cosmic mystical feeling.... it is as if I am the floating coloured planet in the black universe." 




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