We increase engagement and experiences with your clients creating better travel experiences for your guests and drive revenue growth for your hotel. 

Guests’ memories and stories have become a powerful marketing tool in driving return visits, recommendations and a more profitable business.

Dedicated adaptive rooms where travellers can prepare to enjoy their stay at a hotel and is the step between travel/check-in and getting on with business or the holiday. Time spent in these rooms will reduce the stress and anxiety of travelling and the effects of jetlag. The revitalisation experience prepares the traveller for sleep/action depending on their needs.

A colourful stay experience. Reinforcing loyalty and satisfaction - awaken the emotions.


We enhance the client experience 

with a more  colourful life


•  Audit to evaluate the strategy and needs

  Service design for perfect client journey

  Creating In room chromotherapy

  Bolt on to fitness space, spa, rooms, suites, private meeting room

  Spectrum Yoga and meditation


For the client

 Helps to destress
 Helps to feel energised
• Helps to feel more grounded
 Helps for jet lag
 Brings a personalized attention

For the hotel

 Offered to the guest as mindfulness packages   and treatments

 Installations that enable guests to tag on guided   meditations, breathing sessions and other             activities

 Helps to present to the clients a clear wellness     solution

 Brings a diferentiation proposal for the guests
 A dry solution for spa
 Management satisfaction

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