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Are you searching for ways to create an innovative customer experience for your clients?


mycoocoon assists brands in creating deeper connections with their customers through the strategic use of color, resulting in enhanced engagement and strengthened brand loyalty..

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Exploring the Dynamic and Experiential Use
of Color

Certain colors can evoke specific emotions, such as trust and calm, which can make customers more likely to engage with a brand.


Customers believe that customer experience is a key aspect of brand loyalty.


Consumers say that color is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions.

8 in 10

People believe that color can enhance their customer experience.


Research has revealed that color can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions, therefore, incorporating color-based experiences into your brand strategy can potentially lead to an increase in sales



Perception reflects  how customers perceive and interpret their interactions with a brand, including its products, services, and communication.

  • Color Brand Activation

  • Sensory Wellness Design

  • Color Emotional Data

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Ready to empower customer experience using color?

Happy Clients
Working together to stimulate the world’s senses.

"Emotional Beauty workshop prepared together over the past 2 months, with efficiency, impact and emotions! Please send our congratulations to the Mycoocoon team, The feedback from our brands has been very positive and enthusiastic."




The Prospective Team L’Oreal luxury Brands

Having worked with the mycoocoon team throughout the last several years I have found their work to be inspirational, unique in its approach and a valued proposition to how color affects our daily lives and how the color application works to create a harmonious balance within all of us.

Tod Schulman Creative director 

Pantone Color Institute 

"The customer experience at our 100% Color Event has brought immense value in terms of fostering human connections with customers and boosting sales of color products. Thank you for your invaluable contribution, mycoocoon." 




100% Color Blomingdales

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