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Is your team in need of meaningful motivation?


mycoocoon encourages people to ignite their inner light using color to awaken meaning and purpose found deep within.

Ignite your spark

Your Spark

Discover how to identify sources of inspiration and ways color and the senses can be used to channel them.


Increase in profits when

employees feel inspired.


Employees are less likely to leave

their companies when

they're feeling inspired.


Employees do not feel inspired by their current work environment.


Color, similar to inspiration, awakens us to new possibilities by allowing our minds to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations.




A force that propels a person from apathy to possibility. We use color to transform the way we perceive our own capabilities.

  • Rational Decision

  • Emotive Expression

  • Serendipitous Reaction

job satisfaction

Ignite Inspiration
& Increase Job Satisfaction

Available onsite & digital.

Happy Clients
Working together to stimulate the world’s senses.

"Super great work to all Mycoocoon Team. You are putting color in the center of the new futuristic paradigm. Finally, a solid and deep project of how color affects our lives, and what neurological, sensitive, anthropological, social, energetic and emotional messages it has.”  

“Your presentation was amazing, sent me into color world direct !! Truly hypnotic in the best, most constructive way."

"It has been an absolutely wonderful journey of light and sound that your took us on!." 


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