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Is your team struggling
to get new ideas?


mycoocoon helps people bring new ideas to life using color to stimulate the brain and promote creative thinking amongst teams.

unblock creativity


Learn about creativity and how color and the senses can be used to evoke divergent thinking.


CEOs cite creativity as the most important leadership quality.

7 in 10

People felt that being creative is valuable to their job performance.

8 in 10

People believe that color can enhance their creativity practice.



Both color and creativity are defined by our tendency to generate and connect new ideas with previous lived experiences.



People often limit their definitions of creativity to art, but this is too limiting. We use color to evoke creativity and original thought.

  • Divergent Thinking

  • Problem-Solving

  • Imagination

boost creativity

Boost Creativity & Increase Team

Available onsite & digital.

Happy Clients
Working together to stimulate the world’s senses.

"Creatives talk about using the latest innovation in colour to please consumers and update industrial practices. mycoocoon demonstrates a holistic approach to design and wellbeing. Innovations in color  which includes multisensory are interesting when they respond to the need for personal involvement."

Managing color offers the opportunity to give another dimension to the relationship to brand / customer, to be able to re-enforce and assist the client at every stage of this sensorial marketing. The goal is to prioritize human relationship."

"mycoocoon human to human philosophy in using color to re-balance our energy and create a personal space that allows us to de-stress our daily existence. In today’s challenging world we are all looking for ways to relax, reflect and regain our feelings of harmony and mycocoon application does just that..

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