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‘Creative Aura’ Experience Debuts with Kimball International at NeoCon 2022

Mycoocoon is excited to announce our new partnership with Kimball International. Kimball's award winning furniture inspires productivity and collaboration with an emphasis on design and sustainability.

Time spent in a multi-sensory environment has been shown to increase concentration, focus, attention, improve alertness, awaken memories, and can also improve creativity, and communications.

Experience “Creative Aura” at the upcoming NeoCon event — the largest commercial interiors show in North America, which takes place at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago June 13-15. Enter a space featuring a congruent mix of optical, acoustic, olfactory and tactile stimuli can help individuals #reset their perceptual field and strengthen their emotional intelligence.

Our new partnership with Kimball International is set to transform cultures within health, workplace, hospitality and education, providing new ways of encouraging meditation, learning, cognitive development, and social interaction.


Book Experiential Color & Mood Workshops for Teams Our immersive presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with Color & Mood as an experiential learning activity set to expand your design and wellness practices. Mycoocoon presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters. Commission Sensory Wellness Brand Experience Discover a moment to reflect and disconnect by letting color and sound guide your customer inwards and replenish their mind. In collaboration with composer Ricardo Tuis, meditation teacher Mandy Jhamat, color expert Valerie Corcias and sensory designer Ari Peralta, mycoocoon develops transformative sensory experiences designed to promote wellness.


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