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Welcome to mycoocoon Templo

Inspired by sacred traditions, mycoocoon Templo enables connection to self through distinct, intuitive and sensory healing rituals. 

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Enter a Transformative Space Powered by Color Therapy

Immerse yourself into color, sound, touch and taste as mycoocoon Templo harmonizes your presence inwards and outwards using healthy non-flicker color technology, along with seasonally curated rituals designed to replenish your senses.

Experience a unified approach to wellbeing that is sensory.

Sensory Rituals

Each of our sensory rituals begin with our digital color test. Based on your quick results, your ‘color of the moment’ will be used to anchor your experience. Each ritual culminates with a personalized tea service.



mycoocoon Immersion

€45 (30 min)

A modern treatment used to relax your body and mind with color and sound. This ritual was designed to help reduce stress and induce a sense of peace using non-flickering light technology that is both calming and regenerative. With optional Colour Guided Meditation.

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Head Massage w/Color


€60 (45 min)

A head massage bathed in color, designed to relax your restless mind and encourage circulation. Our ritual combines color therapy, with a cleansing massage, relieving tight muscles in the temple and neck regions.

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mycoocoon Immersion w/Foot Massage 

€60 (45 min)

We've combined our color immersion with a gentle foot massage. Through application of pressure on particular ares of  your feet, this ritual serves to reduce tension, improve circulation and ground your connection back to earth.

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Full Body Massage w/Color Therapy 

€75 (60 min)

Unwind and allow your body to receive the healing benefits of our deep cosmic connection to color with a bespoke full body, sensory massage to transform your state of mind.. Connect with the inner joy that lives within you, while your healer helps you release tension and restore your inner glow.

Color Therapy Benefits




mycoocoon color therapy is growing in practice amongst major athletes, sports clubs, doctors and dentists, seeking supplemental therapies to help reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, accelerate open wound healing and greatly reduce overall recovery after medical or surgical procedures. 


Promote Mindfulness

mycoocoon color therapy has been embraced by over 50,000 guests across the world who have experienced stillness, mindfulness and balance using color and sound.  We've helped on-the-go CEOs, First Responders, Shoppers, Hotel Guests and many others, take a step inwards, reset and appreciate the moment.




mycoocoon color therapy has been woven into corporate wellbeing programs and supplemental wellness events as a simple way to proactively regulate emotions and reduce stress. Our color therapy offers an abstract and easy way to absorb negative energy and balance emotions to reduce reactivity and improve mental health


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Meet our color healers


Rita Guerrero

Chinese Therapist

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Jose Maria Amaral

Homeopathist - Naturopathist

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Laura Belo

Chinese Therapist


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Welcome to mycoocoon Templo!

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