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Discover Your Color

Of The Moment

mycoocoon provides scientifically-validated  color therapies using assessments designed  to support your wellbeing & mental health.

sensory overload

Reduce Sensory Overload Using Color Therapy

Sensory overload happens when something around us overstimulates one or more of our senses, often leading to headaches, anxiety and discomfort. 

At mycoocoon, we believe that the body comes into existence from colors, the body is stimulated by colors and colors are responsible for the correct working of various systems that function in the body. 

B2B2C Solutions

mycoocoon relief


We work with Healthcare Institutions and Independent Clinics developing patient recovery immersions designed to reduce physical discomfort.

mycoocoon calm


We collaborate with Brands and Agencies developing immersive experiences designed to promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

mycoocoon balance


We empower Corporates with tools, experiences and assessments designed to support employee emotional regulation

mycoocoon has spent over two decades creating physical and digital meditative experiences using color as the instrument for positive change. 


Elevate Your Vibes With Color 


8 out of 10 people believe that color can influence their mood & emotions.

How it works

mycoocoon color meditation app

Download our App

mycoocoon color meditation app helps you evaluate your color need of the moment with a simple and intuitive color test developed by Pierre Van Obberghen.

mycoocoon templo

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A conscious community, driven by a shared passion for multisensory experiences, nature & wellbeing

Collaborate With Us

We provide transformative wellbeing solutions that are validated and effective at increasing team productivity and connectedness for corporates, brands and wellness organizations.

mycoocoon templo

Visit our Templo

An immersive space (based in Lisbon, Portugal) dedicated to wellbeing  and transformative technologies. We offer a mix of spa + tech treatments,  therapies and sensory experiences.

mycoocoon corporate