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Color In Action

In a world that prioritizes mental health and well-being, we provide transformative experiences where color is not only seen but also felt, deeply influencing emotions and improving well-being.​
We combine color science and innovative technology to explore how color affects emotions, engagement, and brand communities.
Through the synergy of color psychology and innovation, we enhance wellness and foster togetherness.
At mycoocoon, we are committed to enhancing your brand’s impact and setting it on a path to success.

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Color Sensory

​Our unique approach lies in crafting unforgettable moments through a blend of experiences, emotions, and sensory resets, designed to captivate and engage your clients., elevating the human experience.



We understand that every project is unique, and we are committed to creating bespoke color emotional solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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A designated portion of time that allows people to deescalate by optimizing the sensory stimulation of their environment.


Our services encompass a wide spectrum, including branding, corporate, hospitality, and healthcare sensory solutions, all meticulously designed to create harmony between the mind and the environment.

We Infuse Added Value Through Color 

We partner with brands, corporations, hospitality and healthcare to craft exceptional sensory experiences.

Reset your Mind With Color 

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Harness the power of color using our award-winning App

Available Apple Store & Google Play

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brainbo app

Happy Clients 

Working together to stimulate the world’s senses.

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