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We develop sensory resets to enhance
products, brands & places.


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Sensory Reset

A designated portion of time that allows people to deescalate by optimizing the sensory stimulation of their environment.

mycoocoon services

We help corporates, brands and event organizers connect the senses, helping shape design development to create more supportive and beneficial environments.


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Sensory Talks, Workshops & Experiences
Available onsite & digital

Happy Clients
Working together to stimulate the world’s senses.

"Emotional Beauty workshop prepared together over the past 2 months, with efficiency, impact and emotions! Please send our congratulations to the Mycoocoon team, The feedback from our brands has been very positive and enthusiastic."







The Prospective Team L’Oreal luxury Brands

"A great Ice Breaker ! Individuals and teams that understand each other better, have a head start in the journey to building a high performance culture. mycoocoon is a creative and innovative use of design and technology to help your team members understand themselves, one another and begin how to work together effectively."

Director, BT Global Services



"mycoocoon participation has added another layer of excitement and uniqueness to our event.”
















Cosmoprof North America Directors


"On behalf of us all at Raison D'être thank you so much for the interesting Color & Mood Workshop. We've had so many positive comments from our team members, and you have really inspired and made a difference."









Raison D'être


"It was a profound honor to have you all collaborate with us during this Harvest. Mycoocoon elevated the experience like we've never had before, and the energy from that holding was palpable. 


So so so so much gratitude to you!







Harvest Kaplankaya