Co- founders
Valérie Corcias & Dominique Kelly 

Agitateur de Symboles

Individually, Valerie and Dominique have always had an appreciation for the power of colour energy. Having a background with a combination of art, interior design and fashion they grew to understand the importance and the effect of colour in people's lives.  

Their passion for colour energy really ignited when they initiated PANTONEUNIVERSE brand, a world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems and leading technology.


After the success of PANTONE, Valerie and Dominique decided to move to Brazil where they launched an incubator for sustainable projects involving women and education. Spending years in Brazil had such an impact on their lives. They noticed that people there maintained a balanced and harmonious life by reconnecting with themselves and nature. This sparked the birth of mycoocoon.  

Valerie and Dominique wanted to bring the beauty of colour combined with power and healing properties of nature and create a unique concept that will give you the opportunity to experience nature in an urban setting. "When you are connected with nature, you are one, you are at peace, it heals you on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level".

"We have collaborated with some of the leading experts in the making of mycoocoon"

Pierre Van Obberghen 


Aiden Mc Intyre 

Gong Master

Lanzavecchia- Wai & Marine Peyre


Joan Martines

Chinese Therapies

Jose Maria Amaral

Naturopathy . Homeopathy

Rita Guerreiro

Chinese Therapies - Chroma Aesthetic

Adi Semesh

Tech Entrepreneur

Ari Peralta

Arigami Wellness & Innovation

Assif Ziv

AI Tech Entrepreneur