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Color is one of the longstanding puzzles in our human story, raising doubts about the truthfulness of our senses, and provoking deep questions as to the minor differences in the reality we each perceive.


Our new Color & Mood report analyzes key scientific discoveries and innovative applications of color knowledge, from advances in neuroscience to circadian design for wellness, and the cutting-edge technologies that are driving this movement.


Guiding us are leading scientists, technologists and industry experts with noteworthy work that showcases the conscious and subconscious relationship between color and mood.



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What's inside the report?

Color design analysis across multiple lenses, case studies and industry insights combined to help you understand and grasp the profound connection between our perception of colors and our emotions. The report includes:


Color Science



Circadian Design 

Beyond Color Trends

Retail Design 

Color for Wellness



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Prof Stephen Westland

Lighting & Color Research
University of Leeds, UK


Ari Peralta

Sensory Design and Neuroscience 

Harvard University


Prof. Pierre Van Obberghen

Founder The Color Institute



Nichol Bradford

Co-Founder, Transformative Tech Org

Stanford University


Gloria Jover

Color Industry Expert

EGJ Studio


Melissa Gonzalez

CEO Lionesque Group

Principal at MG2


David Kepron

Architect & Designer
NXTLVL Experience Design


Valerie Corcias & Dominique Kelly

Color Wellness Pioneers

Co-Founders mycoocoon & brainbo APP




Meet our Experts

A brilliant array of experience and insights await as our research and industry experts highlight new ways we approach and design, using color to elicit emotions

Color & Mood Presentations

Our immersive presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with Color & Mood as an experiential learning activity set to expand your design and wellness practices.

Perhaps you want to equip your team with the latest color science and practical sensory design insights, or maybe you are looking for an inspiring keynote to be presented to your entire company.


mycoocoon presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters.

color mood workshop

We invite you to participate to our

Color & Mood Survey

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