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Using mycoocoon Color Therapy to Reduce the Effects of Sensory Overload where you Work, Sleep & Travel.

Sensory overload happens when one or more of the body’s five senses become overwhelmed. It can happen, for example, in a crowded waiting room, as a side effect of Jet Lag, or during an emotional reaction, the brain receives too much information to be able to process it properly. Sensory overload leads to feelings of discomfort that range from mild to intense, further amplified by Seasonal Affective Disorder, Dementia, Autism and Depression


Sensory Harmony

mycoocoon color therapy focuses on helping relief, calm and balance the brain and body. We define sensory harmony as a set of pleasant sensations caused by environmental stimuli, that can lead to a feeling of wellbeing. We use color's simplicity, cleanliness, versatility, and emotional connection to self, as the technology that underlies our transformative experience.


Sensory Influence

Color can override what our other senses are telling us to be true, causing us to taste sweetness that isn't really there or experience sounds that aren't present. Colors can also affect bodily functions, mind and emotions, as researchers have demonstrated the sensorial influence colors can have on creativity, productivity and learning



Colors are known to radiate light energy through vibrations. Chromotherapy is based on the belief that those vibrations can influence our emotions, moods, and overall wellbeing in different ways, depending on the color. mycoocoon uses various colors to positively affect people's minds and bodies, reduce stress, and in some cases, even treat discomfort.

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Color Solutions

mycoocoon's sensory approach was designed to help people cultivate sensory harmony through scientifically validated research in color psychology, meditation and sound. We use color emotional data from our color assessments to promote positive behaviors, reinforce goals, strengthen teams and improve performance. 

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