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Sustainability / First wellness trend to watch in 2018

Earth Day Celebration - Brasil

For, the definition of "wellness" shifted in 2017.

The first wellness trend to watch in 2018, is "Protecting the planet will become an integral part of our wellness routine".

According to the wellness website, 'popular wellness bloggers like Lee Tilghman have taken on zero-waste challenges of their own this year, following the lead of sustainable trailblazers like Bea Johnson and Trash Is for Tossers. he #zerowaste hashtag has now amassed 640,000 posts on Instagram and reminded us unpackaged fruits and veggies are the ultimate zero-waste snack.'

Like L’Oréal, one of the main challenges is to reconcile the convictions of citizens with the decisions made by consumer.

Alongside their ambition to reach one billion more consumers in the coming years, their challenge is to produce more, with less impact. It means improving the sustainability of our business, especially of our products. It also means getting the consumer on board. A sustainable future depends on consumers making sustainable choices. 65% of consumers say "I have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society."

L'Oreal's chief sustainability officer Alexandra Palt reveals how the global beauty brand is upending corporate norms to drive change across all levels of the business by offering both sustainable and desirable products and investing in sustainable innovation, making sure all of our products have environmental or social benefits.

mycoocoon ethical engagement

mycoocoon launched, Contramundo, an incubator for sustainable projects involving women and education. Spending years in Brazil had such an impact on their lives. Being surrounded by nature and adapting to a new cultural lifestyle they noticed that people were connected with themselves, they were so connected with nature and they lead a balanced and harmonious life.

Do you want to know more about mycoocoon colour well-being solutions?


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