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Culture of Care: A New Way to Engage & Grow with Customers

Building a ‘Culture of Care’ means creating an environment where people feel valued, not just customers and clients, but those within the organization too.

With opportunities enabled by technology, brands can become partners in consumers’ sensory wellness journeys. The rapid growth in this field is being fueled by health and environmental concerns, innovative ideas about healthy aging, and better scientific understanding of the connection between body and mind.

Due to its many opportunities for technology-driven combinations, the wellness economy will continue to push brands to think on their feet and be constantly on the lookout for new angles from which they and their customers can benefit. Mycoocoon empowers its brand partners with a deep knowledge of color, fueled by neuroscience and immersive tech, to create a new culture of care through experiences, content and thought leadership. Experience sensory meditation by downloading our new app Brainbo, now available on Apple and Android.


Book Experiential Color & Mood Workshops for Teams Our immersive presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with Color & Mood as an experiential learning activity set to expand your design and wellness practices. Mycoocoon presentations can be booked as virtual or in-house presentations, delivered by one of our expert presenters. Commission Sensory Wellness Brand Experience Discover a moment to reflect and disconnect by letting color and sound guide your customer inwards and replenish their mind. In collaboration with composer Ricardo Tuis, meditation teacher Mandy Jhamat, color expert Valerie Corcias and sensory designer Ari Peralta, mycoocoon develops transformative sensory experiences designed to promote wellness.


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