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Forbes Japan Ranks 'Brainbo App' as Top 10 New Creative Tech

Brainbo uses color to stimulate our minds while working, and spark more creativity.

Our company was added to the Forbes Japan TOP 100 list, along with many other great companies, that are making an impact on society through social contributions and other means. The key to Creativity lies in our ability to gain from experience and build connections to generate new energy & ideas. If we are mindful of all of our five senses – sight, sound, touch, scent and taste – we can use them to our advantage to stimulate our minds and spark more creativity.

Creativity is a task of the mind. While creativity has been historically mystical, modern neuroscience can identify that our peak levels of creativity come from certain brain states. That’s great — every high-achieving person wants to optimize their mind. But often we forget that our minds aren’t alone.

Our minds are hosted inside of our bodies. While our minds can make incredible decisions and reach great insights, our minds to the outside world through our senses.So let’s do some reverse-engineering here. Can we use our senses, in particular color, to increase our creative abilities? The answer is ‘yes’— a resounding ‘yes’.

Stay in flow by eliminating distractions from your vision.

Think to a time where you felt effortlessly created. You enjoyed yourself so much that minutes and hours glided past you as you had “Eureka!” moment after another. You forgot about everything else around you besides the joy of purely creating.

Psychologists call this creative flow. It’s a neurological state that’s created when our prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that does most of what we would call “thinking”— gets out of the way for and lets the rest of our brain run wild with new ideas.

When the prefrontal cortex isn’t analyzing and policing our thoughts, we are able to express ourselves with more fullness, innovation, and confidence. But when we get distracted or start questioning our work, the prefrontal cortex comes back online and takes away our flow. And it can take up to 30 minutes to get that flow back.

Luckily, you can leverage your senses in three powerful ways to turn down the prefrontal cortex and create more flow.

  • 1) You can reduce distraction by occupying your senses with familiar colors instead of the random occurrences around you.

  1. 2) You can drop into flow faster by delighting your senses and entering our creative sessions in an uplifted mood.

  2. 3) You can create meaning around flow states by offering subconscious sensory rewards for when you’re in a creative state.


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