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Cymantic - Sound & Vibration

Cymatics is the scientific study of the effects of sound and vibration on matter. It involves observing the visible patterns that are created when sound is applied to various materials such as particulate matter, pastes, liquids and even organic matter. The term 'cymatics' was coined by Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor, who was a pioneer in this field. The word comes from the Greek word 'kuma' meaning 'wave,' which perfectly describes the periodic patterns that are created when sound and vibration interact with matter.

The balance and harmony created by the interaction of sound and vibration with matter. Cymatic patterns are often described as being pleasing to the eye, and being harmonious in nature and also can be used in therapeutic practices.

At mycoocoon, we use the principles of Cymatics to explore the connection between sound, vibration, and color, and how they can be used to enhance well-being



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