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University of Greenwich Showcases Brainbo at 'Extended Senses' Symposium (London)

The University for the Creative Arts and the University of Greenwich worked in partnership to host the first 'Extended Senses & Embodying Technology' Symposium, co-chaired by Camille Baker and Ghislaine Boddington.

This cross-disciplinary Symposium and Exhibition bring together research and practice from the cultural and creative industries sectors, to explore ways of extending and expanding the body through new and emerging modalities and technologies. With an exciting program of artist talks, papers, and demonstrations and a cutting-edge exhibition, this network gathering will investigate the current state of the intersection between our embodiment and our senses and the technologies of today.

Brainbo was amongst the selected artworks exhibited at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery. The exhibition was from 8-10 September 2022.

The event also featured a postgraduate student and early stage artist research workshop and a research presentation from Ari Peralta.

Color is a response of the brain to data received by the visual systems.

Artists and Exhibited Projects:

  • Allie E.S. Wist and Lisa Schonberg – Sensory Kinship for the Third Kind

  • Andrea Ackerman – Torso Target Trilogy

  • Ari Peralta, Valerie Corcias & Dominique Kelly – Brainbo: Color Reset

  • Camila Colussi – Tectonic Lingering

  • Camille Baker and Maf’j Alvarez – INTER/her: Journey Inside the Female Body

  • Chanee Choi – Unreal Window

  • Clémence Debaig / Unwired Dance Theatre – STRINGS

  • Hemma Philamore, Alix Partridge, Calum Gillespie, Adrienne Hart, Helen Manchester – Prehension Blooms

  • Kerryn Wise and Ben Neal – Facades

  • Kimatica Studio – Metaverse Divinations

  • Liminal Vision – Emilia Tapprest & Victor Evink – Sonzai Zone

  • Luciana Haill – The Nod

  • Ninon Lizé Masclef and Adrien Chuttarsing – Latent Organism

  • Stacey Pitsilides and the body>data>space collective – Donate Yourself

  • Terry Perk and Julian Rowe – Arthur Ducklin Peithotron


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