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Slow movement

Last month, TEDxParis inspired us with keynote speakers who shared their insights on how to build a better future by taking time to 'slow down' in order to :

  • Create a positive and reflective Artificial Intelligence

  • Focus on the invisible groups in our society

  • Regulate the boom of virtual currencies

  • Putting human mistakes at the service of science

  • Slow down to see things differently

  • Sleep to live better

  • Consider time as an opportunity

  • Learn to re-learn

  • Think NOW and focus on what has no expiry date

  • Emptiness for fulfillment

For the ' Sleep Guru', Arianna Huffington, slowing down is key to success.

"If we look at the business world today, we see two very different things," said Huffington. "First, we see a lot of burnout: a business culture obsessed with quarterly earnings and short-term profits. But we also see an increasing recognition of the effects of workplace stress on the well-being of employees—and on a company's bottom line. More and more companies are recognizing what's good for us as individuals is also good for business." She practices what she preaches: Huffington Post staffers are encouraged to get some shut-eye in the company's nap rooms, and there's space for yoga and meditation to keep employees mentally centered.

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