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mycoocoon + Yogasphere launched the first Spectrum Yoga session

Last month, we launched the very first Spectrum Yoga session at The Shard, one of the most unique locations in London.

This session represents the fruit of an intensive collaboration between 3 experts from different fields: Mandy Jhamat, Yogasphere founder, mycoocoon, colour wellbeing experts, and

Pierre Van-Obberghen, colour therapist and e founder of the ISCTCP, the International School of Color Therapy and Color Psychology.

Moving through the colours of the spectrum - from cleansing turquoise to passionate pinks, loving reds and calming blues, this workshop used the revolutionary mycoocoon light walls to bathe the students in a 'spectrum' of coloured light healing. This 90 min yoga practice explored evoking and balancing emotions with the corresponding colour through the flow of prana in the body.

They share their experience

«I really enjoyed the class. The yoga sequences were really complementing the colours and the emotions.»

«The yoga sequences are really matching the colors, really enjoyable!».

After this colour yoga immersive session, yogists were invited to extend their experience with a colour test via mycoocoon Colour Institute App to get their own colour profile based on their natural instinct.

Next sessions dates to be announced soon.

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